Comprehensive reading questions 

  • Who is the main character in The Ghost Juggler?

  • What does the main character want most?

  • What do the ghosts want from the main character?

  • Who is Zack’s first friend in his new school?

  • How did they become friends?

  • How does that friend help him?

  • Have you ever been the new kid in school?

  • Have you ever made friends with a new kid in school?

  • How did you become friends?

  • How does the main character resolve the ghosts’ problems?

  • How do the ghosts help the main character solve his problems?


Questions to start a conversation about bullying

  • What does it mean to be bullied?

  • Is there a difference between bullying and being annoying?

  • What are some ways a person might be bullied?

  • Have you ever felt bullied?

  • Have you seen someone else being bullied? What did you do? What could you have done? 


A song about bullying

Below is a song called "Howard Gray" performed by Ed Kilbourne and written by Lee Domann. The song can be used as a multimedia tool to accompany a lesson or conversation about bullying. 

Resources for teachers and parents

Learn how to juggle

The video below by Niels Duinker is a great start to learning. Niels is a professional juggler from the Netherlands and holds 3 Guinness World Records for juggling.

Howard Gray - Ed Kilbourne
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