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"As a writer, I have drawn on my long experience in engineering long-distance moves, mopping up after children and puppies, feeding crowds, and alternately sweating and freezing at ballgames for my four children (now grown) and nine grandchildren. I feel sweat is highly overrated in any setting, but freezing is losing popularity fast. On the other hand, I love family holidays, visiting grandchildren, and gardening. I especially love fictional characters who drop by unexpectedly and stay indefinitely, causing me to forget things like cooking dinner or cleaning. Please take a look around my site and get to know me and some of my fictional friends."


Nona's newest story available now from Amazon and Ingram!


It couldn’t be true. Could it?


But how could it not? She would never forgive them—never.


It is 1917. When she came to Stone Creek to live with her aunt’s family, Miranda thought she had lost everything. She was wrong. Now she has lost her identity as well. In her anger, she secedes from the people she thought would be her now family, and adopts a new name, that of her favorite flower.


Marigold has not thought much about the impending war until the oldest son goes away to join the army. Their small village is suddenly faced with losing young men close to them all.


When the oldest of her new sisters, Joy, becomes desperately ill and must have surgery, there is no money. The only way to save Joy is for Marigold to give up the last bit of her old life along with her anger. But can she do it?


How much is she willing to sacrifice for love of a sister?


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The Ghost Juggler


When Zack discovers his new home is inhabited by ghosts from several generations, he figures they can’t be as scary as the bully in his new school. Where are the chains and groans? But when they elect him to settle their quarrels and deal with a new upstart ghost, he isn’t so sure. The chains and groans show up after all, and this rollicking tale takes on a sinister flavor.


"The Ghost Juggler is now on my list of really good books. Zack is a great character, but the ghosts are also pretty funny. (I know what it's like to have your radio going haywire, kind of like Zack's alarm!) I definitely recommend it. I also got a few ideas to deal with bullies!"

-Robbie, age 10


"When I read The Ghost Juggler by Nona Brooks Morrison, I stayed up until midnight trying to finish it! It is now up on top of my favorite books list. All of the ghosts are hysterically funny. I can't wait to see this get published."

-Rachel, age 12


Get your copy now from Amazon!


Nona's first book signing at Chapters Books & Gifts in Seward, NE in celebration of Independent Bookstore Day.


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